“Tomás Hijo is, in my estimation, one of the great modern engravers". Guillermo del Toro.

Dark Lord


This is a handmade "monoprint" which I managed to pull three images from:

-Red: the real monoprint, ink "worked" directly on an acetate sheet, then put into a press. Retouched with ballpen. Painted with Vallejo liquid watercolor.

-Yellow: the "ghost print", pulled from the sheet with the ink remaining from the "real" one. Retouched with ballpen. Painted with Daniel Smith tube watercolor.

-Black and white: the source acetate sheet framed on paper.

58x35 cm. Archival ink on museum qualitiy Super Alfa 250gr. paper. Deckled by hand. Signed and emboss sealed by the author.

Disclaimer: some tracking marks can be visible, as a result of the printing process. Refer to te images to check them.