“Tomás Hijo is, in my estimation, one of the great modern engravers". Guillermo del Toro.

La Muerta


A twin-pistoled engine of dead-eyed vengeance, Muerta shepherds wayward souls to the other side, whether they want to get there or not. Celebrate this revenant's arrival to the ever-evolving battles of Dota 2 with a custom linocut print of her fearsome visage — and then witness the Dead Reckoning that follows.

Linocut print. 66 x 46 cm. (26 x 18 in.). 250 gr. m2. museum quality deckled by hand paper.
Signed and numbered (and emboss sealed) by the author. Limited edition of 250 prints.

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This is not a mechanized print. This is a 100% handmade print. I drew the image and carved it in a linoleum block. Then I printed it with my rolling press and high quality oil based inks on a thick, rich, textured 250 gr./m2 SuperAlfa paper.
This old technique doesn't produce two exact prints and this makes each one more valuable. No pixels, no dots, no bits involved: only ink, paper and lots of pressure (so much that every print show a nice embossing which is a hallmark). Every print is signed and numbered, as they are limited edition collector’s pieces. They are also emboss sealed with the artist’s personal stamp. Tactile and visual pleasure granted.